• Concepting
    It begins with listening. We want to understand the essence of your organization and your vision. Then we offer solutions tailored to your unique message and audience. We help develop concepts, ideas, and even help write the scripts. Process-Concepting
  • Pre-Production
    Whatever your video may need, we can handle. From actor auditions presented online, location scouting, props & wardrobe, to schedules and shot lists, everything is well prepared to ensure the shoot goes smoothly. Process-Pre-Production
  • Shooting
    Whether you need a small camera crew to capture your event or a full-blown production with a lighting truck, stylist, make-up artist, DP and director, we have you covered. We’ve shot a thousand programs big and small. Process-Shooting
  • Design
    All effective programs have beautiful design. Form follows function; your culture, your goals and your audience will inform the choices of layout, fonts, colors, look and feel. Everything works to communicate your style and your message. Process-Design
  • Editing
    Hours of footage become a short, sweet, powerful program. Whether you have a tight script with shot by shot direction or hours of interview footage that needs to be condensed to a concise, convincing message, our experienced, professional editors are ready to make the most of your footage. Process-Editing
  • Motion Graphics
    Once the overall look and style has been designed and your primary shots have been selected, it’s time to add the polish. Using advanced Motion Graphics software and techniques, your video comes alive. Amid the beauty, your message shines through. Your audience is inspired. Process-Motion_Graphics